Wireless Network Setup

The Mac Doctor knows how it is.  You’re excited.  You go out and purchase that brand new wireless router and you have dreams of turning your back deck into your office by connecting your MacBook (or PC laptop!) to a wireless Internet connection.  Oh, the productivity you’ll find as you plow through your projects from anywhere in your house.  It will be great!  And then it happens.  That brand new wireless router won’t connect to the Internet.  The manual looks like it is providing directions on how to launch a rocket into space.  You’re frustrated.  You are disappointed.

Well, before you dash those dreams of being able to access the Internet from anywhere in the house, ask the Mac Doctor to make a house call.  The Mac Doctor can quickly diagnose the issues with your wireless network setup and get that MacBook or PC laptop connected to the Internet, all while you make a glass of lemonade (hey, if you’re going to work outside on the deck, you’ll definitely want something cool and refreshing to drink!).

Need help with your wireless network setup? Contact the Mac Doctor today! No matter if you have a simple wireless router or a more advanced home network, the Mac Doctor has the cure for what ails you!