PC Service and Repair

While the Mac Doctor specializes in servicing Macs, he’s quite skilled at PC repair and service, too!  Are you getting the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death?” Is your PC slow to boot up?  Are you running out of hard drive space?  If so, you need to ask the Mac Doctor to make a house call to give your PC a checkup.  The Mac Doctor can perform a full diagnosis on your PC and help you determine what it will take to get it back up and running.

Is your PC experiencing any of these issues? If so, our PC Repair Service is Just What the Doctor Ordered!

  • Slow booting at startup
  • Updates that won’t install on your machine
  • Hard drive failure
  • Blue screens while using your PC
  • Programs that won’t load/run on your machine?
  • Damaged hardware (i.e. cracked screen, faulty keyboard, etc.)
  • Suffering poor performance related to an install of Windows Vista (we couldn’t resist that one!)

If so, contact the Mac Doctor today!  We’ll run our diagnostic tools to check your system, diagnose the problem and give you an estimate on the work that needs to be done to get your PC back in shape and ready to handle whatever you can throw at it!