Are you a Mac owner? Then you probably already know the joys of owning a Mac (we do too!) and all of the wonderful things they can do. But even the best machines can break down sometimes and need a little help. If you need Mac service or repair, that’s where the MacDoctor comes in!

Servicing Macs is the heart of our business and we’re ready to help you with whatever your Mac needs. No matter whether you use your Mac at home or in a business, we service all kinds of Macs. And best of all, because we’re based in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, we can pick-up your Mac to bring it into our shop or we can make house calls so you can get back to using your Mac right away.

The MacDoctor Service and Repair Raleigh NC


Does your Mac have any of these symptoms?

  • Runs slow when starting up
  • A faulty hard-drive
  • Applications won’t load or will not work
  • Disk drives that run non-stop
  • Fans that won’t shut off
  • Odd noises and other general “problems”

If so, contact the MacDoctor today at (919) 266-9499! We’ll run our diagnostic tools to check your system, diagnose the problem and give you an estimate on the work that needs to be done to get your Mac back in shape and ready to handle whatever you can throw at it!

Stop Problems Before they Start!
The best way to make sure you avoid problems with your Mac is to apply a little “preventative maintenance.”  Don’t worry—we won’t suggest a high fiber diet and exercise for your Mac!  But we do recommend our HMO Plan—the “Happy Mac Owner” plan. We will “tune-up” your Mac to make sure that it is in great shape and avoids any nasty setbacks during the year.