When to Upgrade Your Mac Versus Buying a New Mac
January 31, 2014

When to Upgrade Your Mac Versus Buying a New Mac

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There is one common question that all Mac owners will face at some point: is it time for me to upgrade my Mac or buy a new Mac? Of course, if you head to the Apple store the guys and gals at the “Genius Bar” will tell you that you should buy a new Mac and will gladly walk you over to show you the latest models! And in some cases, that may be the best solution. But it isn’t the only solution. In my experience, no matter whether you own a iMac, MacBook Pro an iPad or another great Apple product, there are a three important questions you need to ask to determine whether you should upgrade your Mac or replace it with a new one.

Should I Upgrade My Mac or Buy New? 3 Questions to Consider

To be fair, there are lots of different situations out there that can affect your final decision, but it is my belief that you should ask yourself these three important questions about upgrading your Mac or buying a new computer all together:

1. What Needs to be Upgraded on Your Mac?
Is your Mac running slowly? Are you having a hard time using certain applications that you’ve used in the past? As good as iMacs, MacBook Pros and other Apple products are, they wear out over time. You need to have a good understanding of what needs to be replaced or repaired on your machine. If you are not sure about the answer to this question, use our contact form or call The Mac Doctor’s offices at (919) 266-9499 and we can talk through your specific situation.

2. What Are the Total Costs to Repair or Upgrade Your Mac?
Once you know what needs to be replaced, you’ll need to get a firm understanding of the cost to replace or upgrade the components. This is where things can get tricky. A simple Google search will turn up a lot of parts for sale. But do you know the right parts for your Mac? And, do you know how to install those parts. Apple makes great products, but if there’s one thing I’ve found in my work, it can be difficult to open up a Mac and install new components if you aren’t familiar with the insides of the machine. I recommend getting an estimate for a qualified professional to do the work. And if the estimate to upgrade or repair is more than 50% of the cost of a new Mac, I recommend purchasing a new machine. This will put you in the best position in the long term.

3. What Will Happen to Your Applications When you Upgrade Your Mac?
You may find that it is possible to upgrade the components in your Mac and it is cost-effective. But there is another impact you need to consider: what will happen to the applications you use when you upgrade? Will they continue to work like normal? Will the applications require an upgrade as well? Again, if you are working with a qualified professional to upgrade your Mac, they should be able to help you determine the impact. And the results of that work can affect your overall price to upgrade.

Give the Mac Doctor a Call!

Apple makes fantastic products and I’ve been a proud user for many years. But I’ve learned that as good as they are, my iMac, MacBook Pro and iPad will eventually reach the end of their lifecycle. By exploring the three questions above, you can help yourself figure out the best answer for your situation to the simple question: should I upgrade my Mac or buy a new Mac?

As always, if you have questions, need Mac service or repair (and PC’s too!) or want to explore the purchase of a new Apple product, give The Mac Doctor a call at (919) 266-9499 or use our contact form on this site.

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