Need Mac Service?

Is your Mac running a little slow? Hard drive not functioning? Give the Mac Doctor a call today and we can diagnose what ails your Mac and quickly get it back up and running! Because at the Mac Doctor, we've been doctoring Macs since they've needed a pediatrician!"

About Our Mac Services

About Us

The Mac Doctor is your Raleigh-area Mac repair specialist. We've been servicing and repairing Macs since they needed a pediatrician! Contact the Mac Doctor today to learn about our HMO (that's "Happy Mac Owner"!) plan for your Mac.

Mac Service & Repair

Are you a Mac owner? Then you probably already know the joys of owning a Mac (we do too!) and all of the wonderful things they can do. But even the best machines can break down sometimes and need a little help. That’s where the MacDoctor comes in!

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PC Repair & More

Did you know that the Mac Doctor can help you with your PC, too? That's right-- PCs, wireless network setup, virus removal ... if you have a computer problem, the Mac Doctor is just a call away!